AWS – Instance’s User Data


Now that the sensitive data have been defined in the secret manager, we use the instance’s user data block to pass the ID of the secret to the SwissPKI instance.


Step 1 – Secret’s ARN


Open the Secret Manager console and select the secret just created in previous page. In section Secret Details, note down the secret’s ARN.

Step 2 – Stop the Instance


Open the EC2 console and select Instances on the left panel to display the current instance.


Right-click on the SwissPKI instance to open the contextual menu. Select Instance State, and then Stop. Wait until its status switches to red light stopped.

Step 3 – User Data


Right-click again on the instance to open the contextual menu. Select Instance Settings, and then View/Change User Data. In the dialog, specify the secret’s ARN using the following JSON syntax:


    "" : "your_secret_arn"

Finally, save the user data and restart the SwissPKI instance.