Sys Admin

In this section the system administrator can manage other system administrators, the mail server configuration and set up the CloudsHSM.

System Administrators

This tab shows a list of all the existing system administrators. You are able to either delete or edit them by clicking on the respective button.

The “Create Sys Admin” button located at the top of the page allows you to create a new system administrator. In order to do so, please provide the required information and click create. An email with the steps to activate the account will then be sent to the new administrator.

Mail Server

This tab allows for configuration of the system mail server that is used for notifications to system administrators.

Primus Cloud HSM

The “Primus Cloud” tab allows you to set up the CloudsHSM. To do so, the username and PIN for the connection to the HSM Cloud proxy are required. Once the “Enable Primus Cloud HSM” box is ticked and you click on the “Update” button, access to the cloud partitions is active and your HSM partitions are available through the proxy server.